Thursday, June 18, 2009

you should understand where this smile comes from.

andrew daniel bautista.

it's only been a little over a month now since andrew and i have been "official", but we've come a long way from where we started. looking back, i never thought i'd be in a relationship with anyone because i didn't want one. looking back, i never thought i'd be in a relationship with him. he's not the typical type i go for, but for some reason i like him, a lot. i like him a lot more that i thought i could or even would. maybe it sounds cliche, but he has truly become my best friend. i've shared secrets with him and i've cried to him. he's been here for me and i know he won't let me down. he's taught me things i've never known before, he's introduce me to new ideas that had never crossed my mind, and he's been a big inspiration in my day to day living. maybe i'm falling too hard way too fast? but who is one to put a time frame on love? it's my heart and i chose who i fall in love with; and i am so in love with him. i can honestly say, he's the reason behind my smile, the smile he tells me he loves. he knows how to make me laugh, how to make me smile, how to push my buttons (when i'm not pushing his), how to cheer me up, and how to make me view things differently. he's amazing and i wouldn't trade the time we have spent together for anything. i hope there are many more months to come.

<3 5/9/09 <3

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